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Donovan Bergin

Author - Engineer - Artist

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Flunking a college exam isn’t a death sentence for most people, but Harry’s an AI, the subject of Sarah’s tenuously funded capstone project; faced with a nefarious backdoor in his OS and Sarah’s increasingly distracting lab partner turned love interest, how far will Harry go to ensure his own survival?

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You did a fantastic job of portraying a longing for humanity from a robotic perspective and it made my heart break for Harry on multiple occasions. One of the best AI-wants-to-be-human voices I’ve ever read.

Some person who read my book before you

Praise & Reviews

Dude. Wow. I just... words. So good.

New York Times Best Selling Books reader (probably)

As always, I adore the way you broach subjects of humanity and consciousness with just enough to make the reader ponder, but without being too distracting.

Definitely not my mom's review

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About Donovan Bergin

I am a software architect by trade, passionate author by candlelight, and proud father of two. In my spare time, I work on open-source projects, entertain my kiddos, and faithfully pursue my wife’s honey-do lists.

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