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Donovan Bergin


Donovan spent his early years soaking in the sun on the beaches of Southern California. And then the constant drizzle of Seattle state. And then the sun again in the sweltering concrete jungle of the Houston petro metro. Thankfully, he finally landed in Northwest Arkansas where he enjoys hiking, biking, and ... of course... writing.


Donovan first discovered his love for science fiction when he read Michael Chrichton's Jurassic Park in 3rd grade. It's also the year he discovered his deep fear of science fiction... Chrichton might not be the best pick for a young kid. Eventually, he gathered up his courage and tore through every Chrichton book he could get his hands on. He was hooked.

Some years ago, Donovan finally decided to try his hand at writing fiction. It went terribly. A plethora of false starts and short stories quickly found their way to the trash bin, but after a few years of honing his craft, Donovan is ready to write inspiring sci-fi stories that entertain and warm the heart.

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