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April Progress Report

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Untitled Sci-Fi Novel: Query Phase

I sent out another batch of query letters this week. You'll notice that I've garnered one positive reply, and there's a bit of a story behind that. I had an agent request additional chapters after reading my query, which was super exciting! Time went by, and I assumed no news was bad news. My editor actually advised that I reach back out to the agent to check how things were fairing. After a few messages back and forth, the agent said that they were quite behind on reading chapters, but that it would be a good call to transfer my query to another agent at the same agency who would be more likely to work through submission a bit quicker and has a larger appetite for science fiction.

So for now, I'll hope for the best and continue querying other agents. We'll see how it goes!

Website Progress

Well, you're reading this, it means my website is working in some capacity. My website works, I've got a blog integrated, and I'm working email list things. I'm sure I've still got quite a few things left on the website - it always seems like the last 20% takes 90% of the effort. Anyways, thanks for being part of this initial milestone!

Next Novel Progress

Stage: First Draft


That's right, I've started on my next novel. It's still super early in the process, but I've got an outline, a plan, some fun characters, and a few chapters written out. I'm super excited about this new project and will release more details in a future update!

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