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Meet the Cast (Part 2)

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

After my moderately successful attempt to generate a decent image of Sarah using, I decided to give my next character a go. Again, I went back to my Pinterest board of characters, but this time I decided to give a description of my next character, rather than relying on the model / actor's name like I did for Sarah. So how did Bing fair, and what character are we meeting today? Time to find out!


Robert is Sarah’s lab partner. He’s smart, capable, attractive, and… a bit of a spoiled jerk. But just because someone is a little rough around the edges doesn’t mean they can’t have a heart of gold hidden somewhere deep, deep, deep down in there. Maybe he just hasn't met that special person who will transform him into the Hallmark man-of-your dreams yet. Then again, maybe that's being overly optimistic.

Whatever the case, I wanted to give Bing a prompt that it could actually use and that meant describing Robert's physical features. I also wanted to include something about his personality as well, so I added his favorite sport to the prompt: soccer. No, he's not a soccer player, just diehard a fan for his New Galveston home team, the... what team was it again? Blast it, Robert might know his teams, but I can't keep track of sportsball to save my life. Anyways, on with the prompt!


scruffy, curly haired brown skinned man with green eyes and a soccer jersey, airbrush


Verdict: 8 / 10

Bing did a fairly good job with this prompt, in my opinion. Are the eyes a little off and does the ear look like it was photoshopped in from a profile view rather than a headshot? Yes, but for a quick computer mock-up, it isn't too bad.

At this point, I was feeling pretty confident in Bing's ability to give me some pretty good inspirational-level images. Maybe a combination of Bing and Pinterest could give a professional artist a good place to start from for commissioning some actual art.

Of course, my next character would take my new-found optimism and throw it straight in the waste bin. More on that next time!

Speaking of next time, Aflia's introduction is complete so check it out!

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